Country Specific Functionality Tanzania

Country Specific Functionality Tanzania

It includes modules for:

Tanzanian Specific Customizations

  1. The functionality that is related to Tanzania business environment.
  2. It also allows easy tax compliance and helps to ensure that necessary automation are in place.
  3. It also has features such as polling sites for Vehicle Fines and Parking Tickets based on Vehicles defined in the system.
  4. Open Invoice Exchange Rate Revaluation for companies that have lots of open invoices in foreign currency
  5. Electronic Fiscal Device definition and EFD Z Report reconciliation for statutory compliance
  6. Special Closing Balance for retro creation of manufacture entries based on new stock taking done
  7. Piecework based additional salary assignment
  8. Simple Expense Record registration for Branch managers or non-accountants

After Sales Service

  1. Doctypes for After Sales Service for companies who wish to use it.

Clearing and Forwarding

  1. Tanzanian specific Clearing and Forwarding doctypes.

Fleet Management

  1. Tanzanian specific Fleet Management doctypes.


  1. Tanzanian specific company Workshop doctypes.

Utilities for productivity

  1. Set visibility of documennts so that users are only shown specific documents based on access rights set
  2. Automatic add dependant permissions for a doctype granted access rights
  3. Enhanced Bank Clearance (to be deprecated once ERPNext gets these features)
  4. Enhanced Payment Reconciliation for managing student invoices (to be deprecated once ERPNext gets these features)


Types of DocTypes

Master Data

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Custom Fields

Property Setters

  1. Parking Bill
  2. Parking Bill Details
  3. Parking Bill Items
  4. CSF API Response Log
  5. Employee Salary Component Limit
  6. Feedback Request
  7. AV Report Extension
  8. Piecework Salary Disbursement
  9. Employee Piecework Additional Salary
  10. Background Document Posting
  11. Payment Reconciliation Pro
  12. Maintenance Request
  13. CSF TZ Settings
  14. SQL Command
  15. Special Closing Balance
  16. AV Customization
  17. Piecework Single
  18. Single Piecework Employees
  19. Piecework
  20. Station Members
  21. Work Order Consignment
  22. Piecework Type
  23. Piecework Payment Allocation
  24. Vehicle Fine Record
  25. Work Order Consignment Detail
  26. Vehicle Consignment
  27. Vehicle Consignment Detail
  28. SDoctype
  29. Payment Reconciliation Pro Payment
  30. Payment Reconciliation Pro Invoice
  31. Bank Clearance Pro
  32. Bank Clearance Pro Detail
  33. Attachment Type
  34. Document Attachment
  35. File Attachment
  36. Inv ERR Detail
  37. Open Invoice Exchange Rate Revaluation
  38. Theme
  39. Student Applicant Fees
  40. Section
  41. Maintenance Services Table
  42. Security Level
  43. NMB Callback
  44. Special Closing Balance Detail
  45. Visibility
  46. Repack Template Detail
  47. Expense Record
  48. Expense Type
  49. Repack Template
  50. Electronic Fiscal Device
  51. EFD Z Report Invoice
  52. EFD Z Report

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