Root Cause Prevention Strategy

  1. Fields:

    • An array of fields, each describing a specific attribute of the "Root Cause Prevention Strategy." Key fields include solution_to_be_implemented, estimated_cost, consideration, specify_considerations, incidental_findings, specify_findings, date_of_completion, and is_solution_implemented. Each field has properties like fieldname, fieldtype, label, length, reqd, etc.

    • The fields capture information such as the proposed solution, estimated cost, special considerations, incidental findings, date of implementation, and whether the solution is implemented.

    • Some fields have dependencies on others, meaning they are conditionally visible or required based on the values of other fields. For example, specify_considerations is dependent on the value of the consideration field.

    • The is_solution_implemented field is a dropdown (Select) field with options "No" and "Yes," indicating whether the proposed solution has been implemented.

  2. Description of Fields:

    • solution_to_be_implemented: A text field for describing the solution to be implemented.

    • estimated_cost: A numeric field for the estimated cost of the solution.

    • consideration: A dropdown field (Select) for indicating whether there are special considerations, with options "No" and "Yes."

    • specify_considerations: A text field for specifying considerations, visible only if there are special considerations.

    • incidental_findings: A dropdown field (Select) for indicating whether there are incidental findings, with options "No" and "Yes."

    • specify_findings: A text field for specifying findings, visible only if there are incidental findings.

    • date_of_completion: A date field for specifying the date of implementation, visible only if the solution is implemented.

    • is_solution_implemented: A dropdown field (Select) for indicating whether the solution is implemented, with options "No" and "Yes."

  3. Track Changes:

    • No specific track changes or permissions are defined for this DocType.

In summary, this DocType is designed to capture information related to strategies for preventing the recurrence of issues, including details about proposed solutions, estimated costs, considerations, findings, and the status of implementation. It provides a structured way to manage and track prevention strategies within an organization.