1. Autoname Configuration:

    • autoname: "format:{electronic_fiscal_device}-{z_no}"

      • Specifies an automatic naming pattern for records based on the values of the "electronic_fiscal_device" and "z_no" fields.

  2. Field Definitions:

    • Various fields are defined for capturing information related to Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFD) Z Reports.

    • Example fields include "electronic_fiscal_device," "z_no," "money," "receipts_issued," "total_turnover," "net_amount," "total_vat," and more.

    • Each field has attributes such as fieldtype (data type), label (display name), options (for select fields), reqd (required), and read_only (indicates whether the field is read-only).

  3. Field Order:

    • field_order: Specifies the order in which fields should be displayed on the user interface.

  4. Document Behavior:

    • editable_grid: 1 (Indicates that the grid for this DocType is editable.)

  5. Permissions:

    • Permissions are defined for the "System Manager" role, allowing actions such as create, delete, email, export, print, read, report, share, and write.

  6. Sorting Configuration:

    • sort_field: "modified"

      • Indicates that records should be sorted based on the "modified" timestamp.

    • sort_order: "DESC"

      • Specifies the sorting order as descending.

  7. Links and Actions:

    • links and actions arrays are empty, suggesting no predefined links or actions for this DocType.

In summary, this configuration defines a document type named "EFD Z Report" intended to store information related to Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFD) Z Reports. The fields capture details such as the electronic fiscal device, Z number, money, receipts issued, total turnover, net amount, total VAT, and more. The automatic naming pattern is based on the electronic fiscal device and Z number. Permissions and other settings are defined to control how users can interact with records of this type, and the documents can be submitted.