Background Document Posting

The "Background Document Posting" document type seems to be designed for handling background processes related to document posting within the CSF TZ module. Instances of this document type might represent background tasks or jobs initiated for submitting or canceling documents.

Key features include linking to a specific document type, storing details about the document posting (such as the name and posting type), and specifying a timeout duration for the background process. The "Amended From" field suggests a connection to the original document if the current background document posting is an amendment.

Users with the appropriate permissions, especially those with the "System Manager" role, can create, modify, and manage instances of background document postings. The autoname configuration ensures unique names for each instance. The tracking of changes provides a history of modifications made to instances of this document type.

  1. Fields:

    • Document Type: A link field labeled "Document Type," linked to the "DocType" document type. This field likely associates the background document posting with a specific document type.

    • Document Name: A data field (type "Data") labeled "Document Name." This field may store the name or identifier of the background document posting.

    • Posting Type: A select field (type "Select") labeled "Posting Type" with options "submit" and "cancel." This field might specify the type of posting action to be performed.

    • Timeout (Seconds): An integer field (type "Int") labeled "Timeout (Seconds)" with a default value of 600. This field may represent the time limit for the background document posting process.

    • Amended From: A link field (type "Link") labeled "Amended From," linked to the "Background Document Posting" document type. This field may indicate the original document from which the current background document posting was amended.

  2. Table Structure:

    • The document type is not explicitly marked as a table (no "istable" property present), suggesting that it may not be intended for storing tabular data with multiple instances.

  3. Sorting and Display:

    • The default sort order is set to descending based on the modification date. This determines how instances of this document type are displayed, with the most recently modified ones appearing first.

  4. Permissions:

    • Permissions are defined for different roles, with the "System Manager" role having full access rights (create, delete, read, write, etc.).

  5. Track Changes:

    • The document type tracks changes (set to 1), meaning that any modifications or updates to instances of this document type are logged.

  6. Autoname:

    • Autoname is configured to generate a unique name for instances using the pattern "CSFTZ-BDP.#####."

  7. Submittable:

    • The document type is marked as submittable (is_submittable set to 1), indicating that instances can go through a submission process.