Policy Holder Details

  1. Metadata:

    • actions: An empty array, indicating no specific actions defined for this DocType.

    • allow_rename: Set to 1, allowing the renaming of instances of this DocType.

    • creation: Timestamp indicating when this DocType was created.

    • doctype: Specifies that this is a DocType.

    • editable_grid: Set to 1, indicating that an editable grid is supported for data entry.

    • engine: Specifies that the storage engine used for this DocType is InnoDB.

    • field_order: An array specifying the order in which fields appear in the user interface.

    • index_web_pages_for_search: Set to 1, suggesting that content of this DocType may be indexed for web page searches.

    • istable: Set to 1, indicating that this DocType is designed as a table.

    • links: An empty array, suggesting no links are defined for this DocType.

    • modified: Timestamp indicating when this DocType was last modified.

    • modified_by: Specifies the user (Administrator) who last modified this DocType.

    • module: Specifies the module as "CSF TZ."

    • name: The name of the DocType, which is "TZ Insurance Policy Holder Detail."

    • owner: Specifies the owner of this DocType.

    • permissions: An array defining permissions for this DocType. In this case, no explicit permissions are defined.

    • sort_field: Specifies the field used for sorting records.

    • sort_order: Specifies the sort order, which is "DESC" (descending).

    • title_field: Specifies the field to be used as the title.

  2. Fields:

    • An array of fields, each describing a specific attribute of the "TZ Insurance Policy Holder Detail." Key fields include policyholderfullname, policyholderbirthdate, policyholderidentitynumber, etc. Each field has properties like fieldname, fieldtype, label, and, in some cases, additional properties like in_list_view, in_standard_filter, and read_only.

  3. Description of Fields:

    • Fields capture information such as created/updated dates, creator/updater, ID, policy holder type, personal details (name, birthdate, identity), gender, contact details (phone, fax, email), location (country, district, region), company ID, status, and system ID.

  4. Relations:

    • There are no explicit relations specified in this DocType.

  5. Sections:

    • There is a single column break (column_break_14) indicating a break in the layout.

  6. Table Fields:

    • There is no mention of table fields in this DocType.

  7. Permissions:

    • Default permissions are assigned to the "System Manager" role, granting create, delete, email, export, print, read, report, share, and write permissions.

  8. Autoname:

    • autoname is set to "field:covernotenumber," implying the automatic naming of instances based on the field "covernotenumber."

  9. Track Changes:

    • track_changes, track_seen, and track_views are set to 1, suggesting that changes, views, and visibility are tracked for this DocType.

In summary, this JSON code defines the structure, properties, and behavior of the "TZ Insurance Policy Holder Detail" DocType in a system. It outlines the fields, their types, permissions, and other relevant metadata necessary for managing and storing information about insurance policyholders in Tanzania.