Price Change Request

  1. Fields and Field Order:

    • company: A Link field referencing the "Company" DocType.

    • posting_date: A Date field representing the posting date.

    • items: A Table field named "Items" referencing another DocType "Price Change Request Detail."

    • requested_by: A Data field indicating the person who requested the price change.

    • approved_by: A Data field indicating the person who approved the price change.

    • amended_from: A Link field pointing to the original document when the current document is an amendment.

  2. Auto-Naming:

    • autoname: "PCR-.YYYY.-.####" - Auto-naming pattern for documents. It includes a prefix ("PCR-"), the current year (".YYYY."), and a series of numbers (".####").

  3. Permissions:

    • Permissions are defined for various operations (create, delete, email, export, print, read, report, share, write) based on user roles.

  4. Sections and Breaks:

    • column_break_2 and column_break_6: Column breaks for better layout.

    • section_break_4, section_break_5: Section breaks for organizing fields.

  5. Track Changes:

    • track_changes: Enabled to track changes made to the document.

    • track_seen and track_views: Enabled to track if the document has been seen or viewed.

  6. Purpose:

    • This DocType seems to represent a document used for requesting and approving price changes.

    • It captures information such as the company involved, posting date, details of items related to the price change (captured in the "Items" table), the person who requested the change, and the person who approved it.

    • Auto-naming is configured to provide unique names for each document based on the specified pattern.

    • Permissions are set to control who can perform various operations on this document based on their roles.

    • Sections and breaks are used for organizing and structuring the layout of the document.

In summary, this DocType facilitates the management of price change requests, tracking the details of the request, and maintaining an audit trail of changes made to the document over time.