General Ledger Entry

  • Purpose:

    • The purpose of this DocType seems to be related to reporting general ledger (GL) entries, specifically in the context of reporting currency. It likely provides a mechanism to store and manage GL entries with additional fields for reporting currency information.

  • Fields:

    1. GL Entry:

      • Fieldname: gl_entry

      • Fieldtype: Link

      • Label: GL Entry

      • Options: GL Entry

    2. Reporting Currency:

      • Fieldname: reporting_currency

      • Fieldtype: Link

      • Label: Reporting Currency

      • Options: Currency

    3. Exchange Rate:

      • Fieldname: exchange_rate

      • Fieldtype: Float

      • Label: Exchange Rate

    4. Debit Amount:

      • Fieldname: debit_amount

      • Fieldtype: Currency

      • Label: Debit Amount

      • Options: reporting_currency

    5. Credit Amount:

      • Fieldname: credit_amount

      • Fieldtype: Currency

      • Label: Credit Amount

      • Options: reporting_currency

    6. Day Exchange Rate:

      • Fieldname: day_exchange_rate

      • Fieldtype: Check

      • Label: Day Exchange Rate

      • Default: 0 (unchecked)

    7. Posting Date:

      • Fieldname: posting_date

      • Fieldtype: Date

      • Label: Posting Date

  • Table Configuration:

    • Is Table: No (Single document type)

  • Timestamps and Ownership:

    • Creation Timestamp: 2022-05-28 13:06:59.877801

    • Modification Timestamp: 2022-05-28 13:22:09.512246

    • Modified By: Administrator

    • Owner: Administrator

  • Module Information:

    • Module: CSF TZ

  • Permission and Visibility:

    • Permissions: Full permissions (create, delete, email, export, print, read, report, share, write) granted to the "System Manager" role.

    • Index Web Pages for Search: Yes

  • Sorting:

    • Sort Field: modified

    • Sort Order: DESC

This DocType appears to be a standalone document for recording GL entries with a focus on reporting currency details. It captures information such as the GL entry link, reporting currency, exchange rate, debit amount, credit amount, day exchange rate, and posting date. Users with appropriate permissions can create, view, and manage these reporting GL entries in the system.