Currency Setting Rate

  • Purpose:

    • The purpose of this DocType seems to be related to reporting currency settings and rates. It is likely associated with the broader context of reporting currency configuration.

  • Fields:

    1. Reference DocType:

      • Fieldname: reference_doctype

      • Fieldtype: Link

      • Label: Reference DocType

      • Options: DocType

      • Required: Yes

      • In List View: Yes

    2. Rate DocType:

      • Fieldname: rate_doctype

      • Fieldtype: Link

      • Label: Rate DocType

      • Options: DocType

      • In List View: Yes

    3. Rate DocField:

      • Fieldname: rate_docfield

      • Fieldtype: Data

      • Label: Rate DocField

      • In List View: Yes

  • Table Configuration:

    • Is Table: Yes

    • Editable Grid: Yes

    • Engine: InnoDB

  • Timestamps and Ownership:

    • Creation Timestamp: 2022-05-28 12:54:10.089147

    • Modification Timestamp: 2022-05-28 12:54:20.796537

    • Modified By: Administrator

    • Owner: Administrator

  • Module Information:

    • Module: CSF TZ

  • Permission and Visibility:

    • Permissions: No explicit permissions mentioned (empty array)

    • Index Web Pages for Search: Yes

  • Sorting:

    • Sort Field: modified

    • Sort Order: DESC

  • Other Attributes:

    • Allow Rename: Yes (1)

This DocType appears to be a child table associated with the "Reporting Currency Settings" DocType, storing information about rate definitions specific to reporting currency settings. The fields capture the reference DocType, rate DocType, and the rate DocField. Users can likely use this table to define and manage rates for reporting currency conversion in the system.