Maintenance Request

  1. Fields:

    • maintenance_request: A Data field with the label "Maintenance Request."

  2. Grid Settings:

    • field_order: Specifies the order of fields in the form.

  3. Indexing for Search:

    • index_web_pages_for_search: 1 (Indicates that web pages should be indexed for search.)

  4. Timestamps and Tracking:

    • creation: Timestamp indicating when the DocType was created.

    • modified: Timestamp indicating the last modification time.

    • modified_by: User who last modified the DocType.

    • track_changes: 1 (Indicates that changes to this DocType should be tracked.)

  5. Permissions:

    • Permissions are defined for the role "System Manager" to perform actions like create, delete, submit, etc.

  6. Sorting and Engine Information:

    • sort_field: "modified"

    • sort_order: "DESC" (Specifies the sorting order for the records based on the modification timestamp.)

    • engine: "InnoDB" (Database storage engine used.)

In summary, this DocType appears to be a simple form for recording maintenance requests. It includes a single field "Maintenance Request," and users with the role "System Manager" have permissions to create, delete, and perform other actions on records of this type. The form can be edited, and changes to it will be tracked. The purpose may be to track and manage maintenance requests within the CSF TZ module.