Payment Reconciliation Pro

  • The data structure includes various fields to capture details related to payment reconciliation:

    • company: Link field referencing the "Company" DocType.

    • party_type: Link field referencing another DocType for the "Party Type."

    • party: Dynamic Link field representing the "Party" associated with the reconciliation. It depends on the selected party type.

    • receivable_payable_account: Link field referencing the "Account" DocType for the Receivable/Payable account.

    • bank_cash_account: Link field referencing the "Account" DocType for the Bank/Cash account.

    • from_date: Date field representing the starting date for the invoice range.

    • to_date: Date field representing the ending date for the invoice range.

    • minimum_amount: Currency field representing the minimum invoice amount.

    • maximum_amount: Currency field representing the maximum invoice amount.

    • limit: Integer field representing the limit for fetching entries. The system fetches all entries if the limit is zero.

    • get_unreconciled_entries: Button triggering an action to get unreconciled entries.

    • payments: Table field representing payment details. It references the "Payment Reconciliation Pro Payment" DocType.

    • reconcile: Button triggering an action for reconciliation.

    • invoices: Table field representing invoice details. It references the "Payment Reconciliation Pro Invoice" DocType and is marked as read-only.

    • account_currency: Data field representing the account currency. It is read-only and fetches data from the receivable/payable account.

  1. Table Configuration:

    • This DocType is marked as a single (issingle: 1), indicating that it represents a single record.

  2. Timestamps and Tracking:

    • There are timestamps to track when the record was created and last modified.

    • The system tracks changes on each record.

  3. Permissions:

    • Two sets of permissions are defined for different roles (Accounts Manager and Accounts User). Permissions include create, delete, read, write, and share.

  4. Sorting and Database Information:

    • Records are sorted based on the modification timestamp in descending order.

    • The data is stored using the InnoDB storage engine.

  5. Web Indexing:

    • The system is configured to index the records of this type for web searches.

  6. Toolbar Configuration:

    • The toolbar is hidden (hide_toolbar: 1).

In summary, this DocType is designed for payment reconciliation purposes, allowing users to reconcile payments and view associated details. It captures information such as company, party details, invoice dates, amounts, and includes actions for fetching unreconciled entries and reconciliation. The related payment and invoice details are stored in separate tables.