Bank Charges Pattern

The purpose of the "Bank Charges Pattern" document type is to provide a structured and systematic way to manage and store information about patterns or configurations related to bank charges within a system. The document type facilitates the organization and tracking of different bank charges patterns, allowing users to associate specific patterns with individual bank accounts.

Overall, the "Bank Charges Pattern" document type serves as a central repository for managing and documenting different configurations related to bank charges, offering a standardized approach for handling this type of financial information within the CSF TZ module.

Key functionalities and purposes include:

  1. Bank Charges Configuration:

    • Users can define and configure various patterns or rules related to bank charges.

  2. Association with Bank Accounts:

    • The "Bank Account" field, which is a link to the "Bank Account" document type, allows users to associate each bank charges pattern with a specific bank account. This association ensures that different patterns can be applied to different bank accounts as needed.

  3. Autoname Generation:

    • The autoname pattern "CSFTZ-BCP-{######}" ensures that each instance of the "Bank Charges Pattern" document type receives a unique identifier, making it easy to reference and manage.

  4. Tracking Changes:

    • The document type is configured to track changes, providing a history of modifications made to instances. This feature enhances accountability and allows users to review the evolution of bank charges patterns over time.

  5. Permissions Management:

    • Permissions are defined to control access to the document type. Users with the "System Manager" role have comprehensive access rights, including creating, deleting, reading, writing, and more.