Inv Err Detail

  1. Fields:

    • invoice_type: Select field with the label "Invoice Type" and options "Sales Invoice" and "Purchase Invoice."

    • invoice_number: Dynamic Link field with the label "Invoice Number" and options based on the selected invoice_type. Described to work like "Party Type / Party Name."

    • invoice_currency: Link field with the label "Invoice Currency" and options from the "Currency" table.

    • invoice_amount: Float field with the label "Invoice Amount" and options based on the selected invoice_currency.

    • invoice_exchange_rate: Float field with the label "Invoice Exchange Rate."

    • invoice_gain_or_loss: Currency field with the label "Invoice Gain or Loss" and options based on "invoice_curency."

    • column_break_4: Column Break.

  2. Table Configuration:

    • istable: 1 (Indicates that this DocType is a table.)

  3. Timestamps and Tracking:

    • creation: Timestamp indicating when the DocType was created.

    • modified: Timestamp indicating the last modification time.

    • modified_by: User who last modified the DocType.

    • track_changes: 1 (Indicates that changes to this DocType should be tracked.)

  4. Quick Entry Configuration:

    • quick_entry: 1 (Indicates that quick entry for this DocType is enabled.)

  5. Sorting and Engine Information:

    • sort_field: "modified"

    • sort_order: "DESC" (Specifies the sorting order for the records based on the modification timestamp.)

    • engine: "InnoDB" (Database storage engine used.)

In summary, this DocType "Inv ERR Detail" appears to be designed to capture details related to invoice errors, such as type, number, currency, amount, exchange rate, and gain or loss. The dynamic link field for the invoice number suggests that it dynamically fetches options based on the selected invoice type. This table DocType can be used for structured storage of invoice error details, and quick entry is enabled for efficient data input.