Bank Clearance Pro details

Overall, the "Bank Clearance Pro Detail" document type serves as a detailed record for each payment entry associated with a bank clearance, capturing relevant information such as amounts, dates, cheque details, and the account against which the payment is made. This structure allows for a granular view of the payment transactions involved in the broader bank clearance process.

The "Bank Clearance Pro Detail" document type appears to be a table or child document associated with the "Bank Clearance Pro" document type. It provides detailed information about payment entries and related details involved in the bank clearance process. Here's a breakdown of its purpose based on the fields:

  1. Payment Information:

    • Payment Document: A link field to another document type ("DocType"), indicating the type of payment document associated with this entry.

    • Payment Entry: A dynamic link to the payment document, suggesting a link to a specific payment entry within the associated payment document.

    • Against Account: Information about the account against which the payment is made.

  2. Amount and Currency:

    • Amount: The amount of the payment entry.

    • FLT Amount: A float field, possibly representing a converted or calculated amount.

  3. Dates and Posting:

    • Posting Date: The date when the payment entry is posted.

    • Cheque Number: The number associated with the cheque used for the payment.

    • Cheque Date: The date of the cheque.

    • Clearance Date: The date when the payment is cleared.

  4. Read-Only and Visibility:

    • Several fields are marked as read-only, indicating that these fields are not intended for manual editing and might be automatically populated or calculated.

    • The "Against Account," "Amount," "Posting Date," "Cheque Number," "Cheque Date," and "Clearance Date" fields are visible in the list view, making it easy to see a summary of entries.

  5. Quick Entry:

    • The document type is configured for quick entry, facilitating a streamlined process for entering and managing payment details.

  6. Data Structure:

    • The document type is marked as a table ("istable": 1), indicating that it is designed to store multiple records of payment details within the context of a Bank Clearance Pro document.